Useful Links

If you want to know what's available for your Linux Box, take a little look at the links below...

  • Google uk - The Linux orientated version it even has tux
  • Distrowatch - Latest Linux distributions
  • Cross Over  - Bring your Favourite Windows App to Linux
  • Sourceforge  - Free (as in beer, and as in speech) Software for all Operating Systems
  • Tux Games - Online resource for Linux Games, contrary to popular belief, Linux does have games!
  • Linux Printing - Find which printers provide the best Linux support
  • Linux Format  - The Premiere Linux Magazine in the UK

Free/Open Source Software

The software below are examples of Free/Open Source Software that can be run on Windows, Linux, and MAC
  • Firefox - Famous Open Source Web Browser
  • Thunderbird - E-Mail Client, from the same family as Firefox
  • Pidgin - Instant Messaging Client compatible with all major IM Networks
  • Open - Open Source Office Suite, compatible with Microsoft Office file formats
  • Audacity - Powerful Cross-Platform software for recording and editing audio
  • Gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program, Powerful 2D Graphics Program
  • Blender - 3D Graphics Studio